What shall I bring?
Please wear, or bring in a rucksack…
    • clothes that will keep you warm and dry
    • water
    • any medicine / allergy medication including EpiPens (NB if you have an inhaler please bring 2 so that your child and I can both carry one, just in case)
What if I need to cancel?
The bookings are fully refundable up to 7 days in advance of the first adventure. After that unfortunately tickets aren’t refundable, but please do let me know so that we don’t wait for you!


What if it’s raining?
We’ll have fun in the mud! (and build a waterproof shelter)


My child has an allergy / medical issue / disability can they still come?
When you book there’s a section to include information about any issues. Some of the activities may not be suitable for kids in a wheelchair or with a severe disability so please drop me a line here so I can try to accommodate them.


What times do adventures run
We head off promptly at 11 so please arrive a little before, and we’ll be back at 13:30.
Where do adventures start and end?

Pick up and drop off at the Tooting Bec car park. The adventures will take place in the great Tooting outdoors. The car park is at the intersection of Dr Johnson Avenue and Tooting Bec Road – just opposite Tooting Athletics Track.


What are forest schools?
Forest schools run around the world. They support kids to explore and experience nature for themselves in a playful, creative, empowering way that helps them develop confidence, mindfulness, and joy. There’s more info here.


Is it safe?
As with all outdoor activities bumps and scrapes are likely to happen, but ensuring kids are safe is the top priority. I have an outdoor first aid certificate, a DBS (previously enhanced CRB), and training as a level 3 forest school leader. TRIBE Tooting activities are fully insured and risk assessments and mitigations measures are completed for all activities.


Why is it just 7-10 year olds?
This is partly to make it more manageable with ability levels, and partly due to the insurance. If you child turns 7 in August they are very welcome to come along too. If all goes well I hope to be able to open activities up to younger (and maybe even older) adventurers in the future.